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Firemen The three year olds are learning about firemen as part of our unit on community helpers. Here are some activities you can practice at home: story game 5 firemen hurry hurry story 2...


Jobs and workplaces

Jobs and workplaces The 5 year olds are learning about jobs and workplaces. Here are some activities to do at home: song story how much game spycat vocab animal quiz              store tools tools...

butterfly 5 0

butterfly 5

butterfly 5 As part of the unit on Spring, the 5 year olds learnt about life cycles of butterflies and plants. They loved the butterfly life cycle song (even though it was quite fast!)...

spring 5 0

spring 5

spring 5 Here are the five year olds with their last unit: Spring. We also revised food and started creating stories using character, transport, place and situation cards. Fuente: spring 5